Snack on keto or any other diet? I can help.

Anyone here on a diet? Are you eating your healthy meals and still hungry or needing a snack?

This was my biggest issue when I decide to start living a healthier life with my husband. Sometimes I was still hungry and sometimes I just needed a snack or even just wanted to eat something because everyone else was. This is sometimes hard to do ESPECIALLY when you have a crab limit daily of 20grams or so like I did. So I knew there had to be something I could eat so I hit the books!

Below is a list of foods I have found that I can actually and not go over my carb intake!

Good snack foods:

  • Pickles! (Yup just about ALL pickles are crab free and okay to eat.)
  • Olives (black and green)
  • Pork rinds some are even flavored like BBQ yummy!
  • Bacon (okay I get this may not be a snack but to me it is.)
  • Turkey bites (just about any brand)
  • SOME beef jerky! (Check the back on these are tricky!)
  • Just about any cheese!
  • Pickled eggs (you can even look up a Pinterest’s recipe and make a whole jar yourself) My most used one can be found here.
  • Sun flower seeds. Even some flavored one of my favorite is dill yummy!
  • Tuna (but sadly not with crackers)
  • Chicken salad recipe can be found here.

I hope this helps your cravings! Just keep in mind the progress is worth the work!

Also drink LOTS of water the more water you drink the fuller you feel!

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